Friend of a Friend was born through a passion of discovery. It is a community where nothing is known or trendy or fleeting and everything is ready to be found: from the coffee shop you walk past everyday with the best scones to the island locale in Greece with unparalleled views of the caldera. I want to abolish the banal in favor of new and noteworthy people, places and things: a diversion from your normal routine. When starting Friend of a Friend, I aspired to create these little moments for my readers in their every day lives—sparks of excitement and new beginnings. Friend of a Friend is just that: a trusted source, one degree of separation between you and today’s trendsetters and tastemakers.


x Liv


About Liv

Liv Perez is an influencer, businesswoman, and entrepreneur in New York City.  A recent graduate of New York University’s Gallatin Program, Liv has made her mark as an editorial and cultural archaeologist, digging up the best of the unknown to encourage her followers to push past their comfort zones and create their own trends. Since the launch of her site, she has partnered and collaborated with influencers from Gigi Hadid to Rumi Neely and brands like Topshop, SmartWater, and Chanel. Follow her on Instagram.



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Friend of a Friend is based in New York City.