The latest addition to the Glossier lineup just became our MVP – most valuable product, that is. Meet the new champ: a staple with a warm-weather twist that is sure to transport you to paradise (and moisturize your skin en route).


By Emily Matson



Yet again, Glossier does not disappoint in delivering sheer greatness in perfectly pink packaging. Their tried-and-true salve formula receives a tropical update with the sweet scent of coconut, and is packed with ingredients that expertly soothe and condition the skin—castor seed oil, beeswax and cupuaçu fruit extract, to name a few. But don’t be fooled: the balm is much more than your average quick moisture fix. In fact, some of its best uses are far from the ordinary (lip balms: not just for lips anymore)—here are some of our favorite ways to gloss up:




…experiment beyond the lips? As Glossier suggests, the balm works brilliantly on eyelids and cheekbones to add a glossy sheen to a minimally made-up face, or even as a light, shimmery alternative to eye shadow that lasts day and night. 


…try Coconut Balm Dotcom for a smooth, varnish-like finish atop matte lipstick or pencil? Not only does it polish off a bright lip, but it will also extend the life of any pigmented pout, while providing a surge of moisture. 

*Tip: NARS’ Satin Lip Pencils make for perfect duo with our favorite salve. Try shades Timanfaya and Lodhi for a foolproof summery stain. 

…take a trip? The multi-tasker functions as the ultimate companion for the road, in-flight, or for the beach: the luxurious formula is sure to keep your cuticles in tact and to soothe all dry spots. Simply put, it’s a must from car to carry-on—and everywhere in between. 


…slather on and sleep soundly? Apply the salve to freshly exfoliated lips just before bedtime; you’ll wake up with a pout softer than you ever thought possible. The balm also works fantastically to repair any and all dry spots while you sleep. 

*Tip: stock up while you can – especially to save for colder months ahead when you (and your dry skin) will be craving some moisture—and the sweet scent of summer.