From DryBar to Blushington, on-the-go beauty shops have transformed from buzzy start-ups to urban grooming institutions. Compared to hair and makeup, skincare has been a relatively un-trodden path, until now: Heyday is (finally!) bringing quick and easy facials to Flatiron. 

1130 Broadway, New York, NY
(646) 869 3601


By Olivia Perez



Located steps from Madison Square Park, Heyday redefines the skincare experience with a simple program: think a day at the spa, but less fuss (and splurge). Open from 7AM to 10PM, Heyday makes spa pampering accessible and convenient—consider it the newest step in your health routine. Prices start at $60 for a 30-minute session, and the offerings run the gamut: cleansing, toning and hydrating are the classic choice, but additional services (like microdermabrasion or phototherapy) can be added on. Bonus: no extractions means no red glow afterwards. Your boss won’t even know you stepped out. 


During my visit, my facialist noted that the biggest problem with my skin was dryness—and after explaining my skin routine to her, she pointed exactly what I was doing wrong and helped me build a new routine to correct my skin. In addition to their personalized service, Heyday sells all the products they recommend: I left with perfect skin (no effort required) and gained a new skincare routine that has since left my skin dewy and blemish-free. Heyday introduced me to Naturopathica, a brand I hadn’t previously heard of that’s done wonders for me face—I love their Balancing Mist and Hydrating Cream Mask



Make sunscreen your new habit: When it comes to sun protection, both UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin (think A for aging and B for burning). Even on a cloudy day, UVA can still harm you: perhaps, studies show, even worse than on a clear, sunny afternoon. Make it a habit to wear your sunscreen daily – and look for sunscreen that says Broad Spectrum, which covers both UVA as well as UVB. Trust us, it’s your best anti-aging insurance policy. Heyday is wonderful for a revitalizing check-up, but even the greatest facial in the world can’t reverse sun damage. Two-in-one: for our picks on day moisturizers with SPF, check out our guide here.

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