Tailor Braids Your Spring Hair Extension Menu


It’s time to shake things up—or so we thought when we decided to get hair extensions. So we went to Flatiron long-hair mainstay, RPZL, and now that we have them we’re a bit stumped. All that hair and no good ideas. Luckily, our friend Stephanie Angelone is here to advise on three extension-friendly looks that are effortless and easy to do yourself (easier, maybe, than getting extensions in the first place). If your long hair is all yours, consider this your spring hair menu.


Look #1 — The Loose Wave (And Putting In Your Extensions)


Step 1: Section off your hair at the nape of your neck, about three finger lengths away from where your hairline starts.


Step 2: Take a strong hold hairspray—I like R+Co Vicious —and spray the roots of the hair, going in with a comb and back brushing from about the mid-lengths all the way up to the scalp—this is to secure the extensions.


Step 3: If you’re adding another weft of hair, this is where you’ll put it in: Add it to the tease, give it a little twist (circular movement into the hair), and then clip it in. That twist gives it a bit of extra hold. After you’re done with that section, put the hair down.


Step 4: To curl the hair, I section it down wherever your part is. I take a 1¼ inch curling iron and curl the hair in while leaving the ends out. By doing that I prevent a bouncy curl and make it a bit more of a dreadlock that you can pull out and loosen out. You can curl, flatiron, anything you want with extensions. On each side, I curl the hair away from the face.



Look #2 — The Fishtail


Step 1: Before we start, I always leave a couple pieces out to frame the face and to get a slightly more undone look.

Step 2: Starting at the crown of your head, section off a part of your hair to tease for volume. To start a loose fishtail, you section out more from the top of your hair, including the tease, and start braiding the hair from the outside in. You can do it messy and loose from each side. You have to grab around the extensions to make sure that you can’t see them from the back. Make sure each piece you’re braiding is mixed with real hair.


Step 3: Once done, spray the braid and loosen it by pulling on each cross to give it a messier look.


Look #3 — The Slick Pony


Step 1: Section off your hair and give it a tease from the middle to the root. In order to avoid the weft getting twisted, you’re going to put it in upside-down so it doesn’t manipulate the hair around the ponytail.


Step 2: Then, three finger-lengths from the first clip, you’re going to section off your hair again. Spray the roots and add your second extension layer. This one you put in normally since it’s above the hair tie. You can use any kind of brush, just not something too hard.


Step 3: Now to put in pomade (our rec: R+Co Conformist) and, warming it up in your hands, use it to slick down the sides of the hair.

Step 4: Take a brush and brush the hair all the way back to slick the hair.


Step 4: For added flair, you can take a piece of your hair from the ponytail (under or from the side) and wrap it around the ponytail. Then pin the leftover hair to the bottom of the pony.


Good luck!

x Stephanie 


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