What We’re Using Alchimie Forever Kantic Moisture Mask

May 25, 2016

There are few things I love more on this planet than face masks. No matter what the issue is — acne, redness, dryness — I always have a “delete button” mask at the ready. I probably have a mask on once a day, which some might find concerning. I think it’s necessary. 

Although frequent travel is all fun and games for me and my Instagram account, my skin couldn’t hate me any more than it does when I’m on a plane. My therapist over at Heyday recommended Alchimie Forever, a Swiss-based skincare line. I decided to try out the cult favorite Kantic Moisture Mask. The mask is mixed with oats (great for softening the skin), wild pansies, and blueberries to help ease irritation and reduce redness. Also, it's incredibly light and cooling, perfect for the impending warm summer months ahead.  As someone with extremely sensitive skin, I noticed the tones in my skin even out after just one application. Although the price is a little steep ($60 for 3.3oz), a little goes a long way. On days when I’m feeling extra dry, I’ll mix some with my moisturizer. Almost instantly, it sinks right in.