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Our Editor in Chief's obsessions: this week, the cure-all oil discovered totally by accident, and why you need to try it, too.

Ask for beauty secrets or tips and there’s always a few standard responses: toothpaste on pimples, drink loads of water, lemon-season your hair for sun-kissed highlights. Mine is a little less obscure, but blows every skin tip I’ve ever tried out of the water. 

A few months ago my sister left her Eve Hansen Tea Tree Oil in my bathroom after a sleepover weekend. She had always raved about the product and attributed its ingredients to her beautiful skin, but being a complete stranger to serums and oils, I never took the plunge and tried it myself. So I stole a few drops and my skin turned bright red (apparently you're supposed to dilute it by watering a cotton swab. Thanks for telling me ahead of time, sis)—once I got the hang of it, I haven't gone a single day without Eve.

My breakdown: Not only is the aroma incredibly therapeutic, but the serum completely cleared up and brightened my skin—and it's become my superhero when I can see a breakout coming. Plus, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Beauty secrets should stay secret, if only for the mystery, but not this one. 


Next up: the perfect pair of seasonally-appropriate sunglasses, as per our Editor in Chief.