During a recent haircut, I told my stylist that I had been washing my hair every day since I was 13 year olds.  He looked at me, absolutely horrified, and sent me home with the Unwash website written in my iCloud notes. At almost 22 years old, I'd felt like I’d tried pretty much every dry shampoo in the book, so I didn’t think much of the referral. Most leave my hair looking chalky and white, or weigh it down and make my hair oilier than when I started. I have been in need of a dry shampoo renaissance, and boy, did I find it.

Unwash’s Dry Cleanser has been the answer to my prayers. Unlike most dry shampoos out there, Unwash’s product actually cleans your hair, no water needed, instead of just treating the oil with powder. The key ingredient is volcanic ash, which works to absorb excess grime in your hair (fun, random fact: Chinchillas clean their fur using volcanic ash, so why shouldn't you?) .The bottle fits perfectly in my purse, ideal for on the go. Bonus! The dry cleanser is invisible, so say girl, bye to white streaks and hello, it's me to healthy, moisturized hair for more than a wet wash will last you. Oily-haired readers, rejoice.


Unwash Dry Cleanser, $28, available at Unwash.com.