What We’re Using Amika Un.Done Texturizing Spray


Like almost every girl in her 20’s, my hair has had multiple lives. I was born bleach blonde, something I hated most of my childhood. Then it took a rebellious turn in middle school (against my mother’s will) and I dyed it to dark brown and later black for my sweet 16. Then I chopped it to my shoulders, dyed it blonde, let it grow out, and then chopped it… again. I also had extensions for about six years. I have a lot of hair but it’s incredibly thin and fine—an insecurity that was instantly fixed by a track that I would sew to my hair every three months. I was never happy with the way it was naturally and did everything in my power to fix it. I hated how my hair dried perfectly straight with zero volume and would have killed for Carrie Bradshaw wavy, undone hair. After 22 years and multiple curling irons later, my hair needed to go to rehab.

A year ago I decided to let my hair go au naturale. I took the extensions out, started getting haircuts every couple of weeks, and highlighted it once a year just to keep my LA beachy-vibe intact. My hair is finally in a better place, but I was constantly on the hunt for a product that would give me the fullness I had with extensions and the texture of my perfectly done, curling iron waves. I’ve always been a dry shampoo fanatic and have tried tons of salt sprays, but it was Amika’s Un.Done Texturizing Spray that hit the spot.

Most sprays have left my hair flat or sticky, but Amika’s uses zeolite, a formula that builds up volume in your hair combined with a sea buckthorn berry that strengthens hair and enhance shine. I spray some on the ends of my hair—wet to get that touseled look once it’s dry, or dry to boost volume and thickness. I also spray some on my roots if I noticed my hair getting flat mid-day.

For those who like to sleep in, the spray also works beautifully with a dry shampoo... so you can skip that morning shower and still get that freshly blown-out look.

Amika Un.Done Texturizing Spray, $24