Infatuation Photographer Noah Devereaux Takes Us On A Food Tour

November 1, 2017

You may not know Noah Devereaux’s face, but you definitely know his photographs. With snaps for The New York Times, Time Out New York, and a local on The Infatuation’s Instagram, there’s no one we trust more when it comes to the New York food scene. With all those photos comes a lot of eating, so we asked the Seattle-native to round up his favorite bites in Manhattan and beyond. Check it out below:

Ippudo Ramen

65 4th Avenue

“The waits at Ippudo both in Union Square and the Theater District can stretch into the hours if you’re with a group but my secret is to go solo to get seated right away. Anyway, it’s hard to talk to friends when you’re slurping away at a steaming bowl of noodles and fatty tonkotsu broth.”

New Mex Deli Grocery

5914 5th Avenue, Brookyln

“From the outside it looks like any other Mexican bodega turned taqueria on Brooklyn’s Fifth Avenue, but inside they’re turning out some of the best handmade quesadillas in New York. Each quesadilla is pressed by hand when you order, and the place can get busy, so grab a Jarritos soda and soak in the telenovela playing on the TV while you wait. Your patience will be well-rewarded when you get a foil wrapped plate with a mottled corn tortilla stuffed with melty queso Oaxaca and herby squash blossoms.”

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Paulie Gee’s Pizza

60 Greenpoint Avenue

“I can get a little wistful about Paulie Gee’s because I lived around the corner when it opened. Now all these years later it still has the magic that makes it worth the trip back to Greenpoint for some of the best pizza in the city. It would be one of my favorite places in the city if only for the pizza itself, but the real reason to keep coming back is Paulie Gee the person. Every night he’s out on the floor going from table to table chatting up all the customers and making sure everyone is having a good time.”

Ganesh Temple Canteen

143-09 Holly Avenue

“This Hindu temple in Queens shows just how good cafeteria food can be when given the chance. What it lacks in ambiance, it more than makes up for with some of the best South Indian food in the city.”

La Vara

268 Clinton Street, Brooklyn

“La Vara is, to me, everything you’d want in a Brooklyn restaurant. You can walk in, sit at the bar with a really good gin and tonic and some fried artichokes, or you can go all out with a group, a couple bottles of wine and order half the menu. Either way, you’ll be satisfied.”

Spicy Village 

68 B Forsyth Street

“The secret’s been out about this Chinatown hole in the wall with their ‘Big Tray of Chicken’ for years, but I also love their rough handcut hui mei noodles in all their various permutations. The vegetarian options are actually some of the best. Try the egg and tomato or spicy scallion red oil hui mei.”

Little Pepper

18-24 College Point Blvd, College Point

“For a long time I had been reading about how addictive the spice in Szechuan food can be, but it wasn’t until I trekked all the way to the end of the 7 train and then got on a bus up to College Point that I really understood it. The balance of the spicy chile peppers and numbing Szechuan peppercorns triggers a mild endorphin rush that keeps me coming back.”

Image via NYTimes.

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