Friend of a Friend x The Sosta

March 5, 2018

Women empowering women, that’s amore! Our founder, Liv Perez is The Sosta’s latest Woman Guest Chef in their Women Guest Chef series. The series launched in December 2017 and features women across all industries. It was inspired by The Sosta’s founders — Samantha Wasser and Ali LaRaia —  love for supporting all female entrepreneurs.

You won’t want to miss out on Liv’s creation — the “Cacio e Perez”; a modern twist on a timeless Italian classic, opting for activated charcoal spaghetti.

“Ali LaRaia and I chose the activated charcoal pasta because the noodles are thicker and who doesn’t love that. It doesn’t add any taste but it sure does look 😍”

The pasta is $12 and is available in store and via Postmates. BRB we’re going to be stuffing our faces all month.

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