Packing for a long weekend is the ultimate conundrum—mustn’t pack too little, nor too much. That’s why we enlisted a pro for help: enter Harper’s Bazaar Senior Accessories Editor Amanda Weiner, who shared with us (and you) her de facto tips for traveling in style. 


Interview by Olivia Perez



My life takes me anywhere and everywhere—sometimes in just a few days notice.  Whether I’m traveling to a jewelry gala in Rome or a friends wedding in Mexico, packing light (and well) is a must. Here are a few of my summer must-have multi-tasking items for any girl on the go.



 "I always pack a big neutral colored scarf with me, wherever I am traveling. I usually wear it on the plane and use it as a blanket since I’m always cold! I use it at night to drape over my shoulders, or during the day as a pareo."



"Packing versatile pieces is a must if you’re carrying on. I wear tunics or casual dresses with chic sandals for nighttime, and then I wear them later in the trip as a cover-up."


"A new trend out of resort is matching top and bottom sets that look like a dress or romper but is in fact two pieces. I love this idea because it allows you to wear a complete outfit one day, and mix and match it later in the trip for a completely new look."



"A cross-body bag is crucial when traveling, especially abroad. I always suggest one with a zipper for security. It seems obvious, but when you’re walking around a city, it’s important to keep your personal items close by."



"Shoes are always one of the most difficult categories to edit and one of the most space-consuming, but packing in a color scheme always helps me narrow it down. Usually I’ll pack neutral accessories, either blacks or tans and browns, and can then decide on a pair of flats, heels, and a travel sneaker or boot. I always wear my heaviest shoes while I travel and pack the lighter sandals and heels. Depending on how much space I have, I may throw in an accent accessory for fun!"



"I’m sure most can relate that packing jewelry is always tricky. Through my years playing with jewelry, I learned a few tricks, my favorite of which is stringing your necklaces through straws to keep them separate and untangled."



"I always travel with my sketchbook and often draw on planes when I’m alone. It’s like my own little quiet time. It’s important to do whatever you need to in order to make your travel time feel productive and relaxing." 



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