Yael Aflalo , Fashion Designer at Reformation , photo taken at the Reformation Store in the LES

photo: Celeste Sloman/ New York Observer

Seemingly like everybody else in New York or LA, we at Friend of a Friend are obsessed with sustainable womenswear brand Reformation. Imagine our excitement, then, when Yael Aflalo—the label’s Founder & CEO, and professional chicest woman alive—wanted to chat with Friend of a Friend on her workwear essentials, her go-to beauty look, and what she’s most excited about for Reformation’s upcoming season…check out our Lightning Round with her below.

What is a typical day at the office like for you?

It’s different everyday, and that’s what I love about working for Reformation. I could be interviewing new people to join the team, running over to a fitting, meeting with architects about possible new retail spaces, or reviewing fabric samples for upcoming collections. Today, I was able to start the fitting on our New Years Eve dress collection—and they look amazing!

What’s the most sentimental piece of clothing you own?

A black Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress that I’ve been wearing for seven years and I still feel like a sexy 80’s lady in it. 

Silver or gold?


Skirts or pants?

Skirts. I regret wearing pants every time.

Flats or heels?

Flats, I’m already tall.

Who’s your style icon?

Bianca Jagger.

What is your go-to beauty look?

Glowing skin—all I need is some concealer, an eyelash curler and a great highlighter.

What is your typical work uniform?

A Ref dress and a great pair shoes or vintage jeans, a Ref tee and a leather jacket.

What’s your favorite piece from Reformation collection?

Our leather jackets, I’m wearing the Granite right now.

What’s up next for Reformation?

Continuing to lead & inspire a sustainable way to live. I feel like we have so much more to do!