Our Editor in Chief shares, in her own words, her consummate packing guide for her first Paris Fashion Week.


Hi guys!

Today I leave for Paris Fashion Week, and we’re putting together a guide for the site because it’s my first time going and I’m super excited. I’m not really sure what the protocol is for packing—I feel like I’m definitely in the big leagues, up against some of the most amazing industry people, so I’m a little out of sorts here.

New York Fashion Week, which was two weeks ago, was our fist time bringing Friend to any fashion week, the first time I was able to be representative of a brand and be there and get coverage, and meet new people. This is the first time we are able to bring Friend to an international base and represent it in a different way. I think I’m most excited to see how people are responding to it out of New York.

I’m taking a Redeye, so I’m obviously wearing something comfortable—but at the same time I am a serious advocate of not wearing sweatpants to the airport. I always like to feel and look put together. I’m wearing my favorite black, cotton Citizens of Humanity jeans, a J. Crew linen t-shirt, a pair of brown Zara boots and then I love to have a big scarf to use as a pillow, like my Burberry Cape. I get cold on planes so I’m always snuggling up to it. Then, I’m a huge fuzzy sock person. I have a pink pair that my little sister gave which I love wearing because they are super comfortable. In the air, I love reading new articles and pitching new things for the website, it’s a great time to disconnect and totally get work done. I’m also a sucker for on-demand movies, so I’ll probably go through three to four on the way home. That’s basically how I stay busy on a flight, the movie and food selection.

My packing routine for the trip itself is very specific. I’ll start with basics – a perfect white tee, a pair of leggings for when I’m lounging around, sweatpants for sleeping, a couple good t-shirts for hanging out. Then, I’ll start with undergarments and things like that—I’ll get all my basics in so I know they’re there.


After that, I’ll pack my staple pieces. This time around one of my favorite dresses that I’m really excited to wear is this green Derek Lam dress. It was fitting kind of weirdly when I first bought it, so I recently got it tailored and now it seems brand new. There’s a cutout in the middle so it’s kind of sexy but at the same time I could easily wear it to lunch. Another staple—the perfect day dress to wear out. This Zara dress I just got yesterday: It’s a knit, and I could wear it either with boots for shows or sneakers if I’m just going to lunch with friends. Versatility is key! Another garment I love to have with me is a statement blouse, like this one from Jill Stuart. The print feels like a galaxy that runs through it, and the taupe and purple tones work surprisingly well together. I feel like there’s nothing better than a good blouse for easy dressing.


Cold weather is my favorite because I get to wear all my jackets and I’m a huge jacket person, and it’s a little chilly in Paris! I love this vintage Lanvin coat that my mom gave me after years of owning it. It’s snakeskin print, it’s super light so I can wear it in New York if it’s raining but also I could put a sweater under it for cold weather wear.

For pants, I always bring one pair of black, one a pair of blue—this trip I’m brining my Candice Swanepoel x Mother jeans. They’re my favorite pair. I also have this amazing pair of Alberta Ferretti pants: they’re silk with embroidered flowers and then the floral motif has these sparkles in them, so it really shimmers. I also have this great panel Zara skirt: it’s pleather but I love a skirt like this because it’s super light. I think my biggest tip for packing is to find pieces that you can wear in diverse ways. You never want to over pack!


The first thing I’ll do when I get off the plane is head straight to Café du Flore and get a croissant—that’s what I’m most looking forward to. I say a croissant, but it’ll probably be more like five. 

I’m excited to bring you coverage of my Paris Fashion Week—stay tuned!

xx Olivia