Lightning Round Brianna Lance, Basic Rights


Menswear isn't really our beat, which is why we're so excited about Brianna Lance of Basic Rights. Not only does she design incredible and simplistic menswear, but she's pretty chic, herself. We sat down for a brief Q&A with the designer on her brand, her style, and where she sees it going:


FOAF: What inspired you to start Basic Rights?

BL: It seemed really difficult to find beautiful men's basics that still had a lot of design integrity—I was trying to fill this huge hole in the market for really beautiful and affordable classics for men. It's all the fundamentals. But I'm a woman designing what I think men look best in, and girls go crazy for the idea of guys wearing the clothes. That's something new. 

FOAF: Where does the name come from?

BL: My business partner Freddie Cowan thought of it—it's about the right to be affordably well-dressed, and obviously,  it's a basics line.   

FOAF: What’s your favorite piece from the collection? 

BL: My favorite piece for men are the navy trousers—they just look amazing on everyone—but my favorite piece for myself is the floral tunic because it makes me feel like George Harrison when I wear it. 

Floral Tunic, $120
Floral Tunic, $120

FOAF: After your role at Reformation, what pushed you to move to menswear? 

BL: When I was still there my business partner Freddie and his bandmates asked me to design their clothes for a new album tour. I just really loved doing menswear, and then he approached me to do an actual line. It was the best decision. Womenswear is really oversaturated, so it's awesome to make something that there's a need for. 

FOAF: Who are some of your favorite designers right now? What’s inspiring you at the moment?

BL: I try not to look at too many other menswear designers and keep it inspired by iconic photography and the men around me, but for womenswear I love Céline, Chloé, Gucci.  They're all pretty visionary. 

FOAF: What’s up next for Basic Rights?

BL: We just want to keep growing and keep spreading the word. Our collections will get bigger, with more colors and cuts, and we're looking to do something brick-and-mortar soon so people can go try on clothes. And then eventually shoes, accessories, and scents—a one-stop shop for men.


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Denim Jacket, $200
Sweatpant in Grey, $100
Straight Placket Button Up in White, $120.00