Lightning Round Gabrielle Lefevre, Fabric Hunted & Collected


 “I was inspired to start my line after a trip to India. I was meeting with artisans and saw them working, and saw how proud they were of their handwoven fabrics. Fabrics are an ancestral tradition in India, and I was so fascinated. I was working at Chanel in Karl Lagerfeld’s studio, and after I left, I went back to India to learn more about their work. I ended up gathering textiles to make into jumpsuits, which I was really into. So the main inspirations for Fabric Hunted and Collected were the artisans, but also world travel.”


Friend of a Friend: How do you think Fabric Hunted & Collected differs from any brand out there?

Gabrielle Lefevre: The whole concept is based on handcrafted fabric in India or hand-machine knit from Kathmandu, Nepal, in small units and family communities. There is a human value that is very important for me to share and promote. 

We’re a brand that promotes the beauty of the craft. To me, handwork is poetic. After working with Parisian artisans for so long, meeting their values, humility, happiness for the beauty they create. That’s what makes my brand different.

FOAF: How do you pick the fabrics you use in your collection?

GL: It’s a feeling. I’m only going towards natural fibers—the feel is amazing. I’m just attracted to textiles. I could do fabric research all day and find it fascinating. Looking for fabric is endless—always new or old techniques to discover.


FOAF: What are your “must-haves” while traveling?

GL: Jumpsuits! I created jumpsuit at the very beginning to wear while I was traveling. We do a lot of road trips to find the artisans, deep inside the Thar desert, up in the Himalayas… and I needed a bit of style! To me jumpsuits really dress up nicely—a one-piece that’s good for daytime, and can be accessorized for evenings… It is definitely my must-have.


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Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.27.49 AM

FOAF: What’s up next for Fabric Hunted and Collected?

GL: More developments! More meeting! More surprises! And always, more travels!


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