The Interview Anna Decilveo, Product Merchandiser, Tictail



Franklin Lakes, NJ

Current location:

Brooklyn, NY

Your top 5 favorite stores on Tictail:

 Just 5?! That's so tough...but ATM it's LAX shoes because the shoes are so trend-right, yet everyday wearable. Plus I love their story about small-scale production in Israel. Habey and Juan Carlos Pajares are two fashion powerhouses from Spain. I’ll be heading to Madrid Fashion week at the end of September to finally meet these talented group of designers in person, and I can’t wait. The aesthetic of their collections, respectively, is so different from anything I’ve seen coming out of NY in the most refreshing and intriguing way. Cornelia Webb creates beautifully crafted jewelry, and I’m super excited because we just hosted an event at Tictail Market with Cornelia during NYFW where we sold her A/W ‘16 collection and she also created custom jewelry pieces. To round that out, I love a good menswear brand and Daniel DuGoff has really stolen my heart. He was inducted into CFDA’s incubator program, and it’s been so fun to watch him, and his brand, grow over the past year. Keep an eye out for him...


Your go-to outfit:

It's been so hot out lately that I've been into super effortless looks. A monochromatic, oversized and flowy anything...always popped with a glitter sock.

Your guilty pleasure:

Getting into an Instagram black-hole, late night in bed. I've been discovering so many cool artists, designers (just plain awesome humans) on the internet past 12am.

What’s your motto?:

Happiness is the most valuable currency. People who are happy, are the richest people in the world.

What's inspiring you at the moment?:

I'm gearing up for Tictail's company off site in Barcelona, so I've been researching Spanish fashion and design. There is some serious talent coming out of Spain and I can't wait to experience it in person.

How did you get to Tictail?:

After experimenting with a couple of different avenues in the fashion industry, from styling to trend forecasting, I found my perfect home in merchandising. I had really wanted to explore the digital side of things, so after a year of leading the Fashion Merchandising team at Amazon, the opportunity at Tictail came up. The idea of being involved with a company from the beginning was so exciting to me. Plus, as soon as I met the people working at Tictail, I knew I had to work here. The culture really is one of a kind.

How do you feel Tictail is different from other e-commerce hubs?:

A point of differentiation I see first-hand in my role is the extremes to which we work to make an incredible experience for both Tictail brands and Tictail shoppers. No one would come to Tictail to shop if we didn't have incredible brands. And no designers would sell on Tictail if they didn't have complete ownership over their aesthetic, brand voice, and the ability to build personal relationships with their shoppers. Four years ago we began as a platform for independent brands to build online shops. Over two years, as more incredible brands came to Tictail to build a global online presence, we reached a point where we could introduce shoppers to these fantastic brands. We also opened our first-ever storefront this year in the LES - Tictail Market, 90 Orchard Street. Here, we're always showcasing new brands (new products coming in every week!) and we also have weekly events for the community, anything from a brand previewing its next collection, to cocktail evenings, to press previews. It's such a cool space, definitely drop by!


What's your favorite way to discover new brands:

I'd be lying if I didn't say that the majority of new brands I discover are via Tictail. I've always been a sucker for emerging designers - I love the idea of discovering an amazing brand before anyone else and also supporting designers early in their career. This is why Tictail really is a dream job for me. I spend a huge part of my day digging into our marketplace, and bringing new, amazing brands to the forefront of the site. Outside of Tictail, I turn to amazing curation hubs each with a different take, and purpose in the industry, like Frankie + CloMan/WomanSpace-Matters and Sight Unseen.

What trends do you see coming up for Fall?:

I just styled Tictail's A/W '16 lookbook and it made me so excited for Fall. Some of the biggest trends I'm seeing are statement sleeves, oversized/exaggerated ruffles, and strong retro nodes: everything from the fabrics to silhouettes to colors. Keep your eyes peeled for a lot of that on the streets this Fall.

What has been your best find on Tictail?:

Oh, there's just too many to answer. I'm currently coveting everything from Peet Dullaert, but especially have my eye on his techno pleat top. It will go perfectly with a high waisted oversized black pant for fall.


 Where do you Tictail?

Everywhere! The app is so mobile friendly, that it makes discovering brands and shopping so easy on the go.


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