Finding Your Sexy With Skarlett Blue

May 16, 2017

I’ve always had a strange aversion to lingerie. I’m not a particularly “sexy” girl - I’m small-chested, relatively short, and apparently I’ve been wearing a “call me cute” sticker on my forehead my entire life. My first boyfriend would buy lacy red sets for me and I would shove them in the back of my underwear drawer far from the light of day. Something about it hit a nerve for me, a lack of self-confidence that I knew a piece of clothing couldn't replace, coupled with disdain for his need to see me in any other form than my natural myself. I also never understood the point of it. It’s going to come off anyways. 

No one's calling me sexy, and I’m perfectly fine with it. To this day, my lingerie collection is comprised of comfortable, utilitarian pieces that I can wear all day and not rush to take off the second I get home. With social media, everything we do is up for commentary, so it’s the moments behind closed doors at home that I’ve come to appreciate most. Home alone in my undies, an oversized shirt, and my hair in a bun. The gratification of the world around me doesn't matter in those moments - only my own. It’s in these private moments that I’ve come to understand my definition of sexy. And let me tell you, I feel sexy. And not because the mirror tells me I am, but because I’m comfortable in my own skin and wear pieces that don’t take away from it. I love these Skarlett Blue bras for that exact reason - they’re engineered for fit and comfort but don't sacrifice style. They’re simple and versatile for underneath anything I’m wearing, but give me an extra boost of confidence when everything comes off. It’s effortlessly sexy so that I can be too.  

Sexy is an energy. It’s not something that can be validated by the words or gaze of someone else or a piece of lace or frill. It’s a feeling of confidence in a moment where you’re comfortable with yourself from the inside-out. If that means wearing a red corset or granny panties, by all means do it. Sexy means you’re not afraid to say what you feel, do what you want, and be exactly who you are behind closed doors, out in the open. So here’s me behind closed doors, out in the open. Home, wearing garments with no frills attached, literally. 

Here’s to you finding your sexy, too.

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