Order what your heart desires—no guilt added—at by Chloe, Bleecker Street’s newest all-vegan eatery. Plus, an interview and recipe from chef Chloe herself.


185 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012

(212) 290 8000



By Cole Billik


Friend of a Friend: Why vegan? How did you get into vegan cooking?

Chloe: I went vegan pretty young, about ten years ago. I was young and loved animals — I started experimenting with vegan cooking and loved how delicious and different it was. It was unlike anything I had tried before. I decided to go to culinary school after college at UC Berkeley.  

F: There are perhaps thousands of vegan eateries in NYC—what sets by Chloe apart? 

C: Everything we do is from scratch, everything is made with love. For a fast-casual concept, that’s really unique. Often times if you’re going for a better price or quicker service, you’re sacrificing on some sort of quality, so we’re really trying to avoid that. We’re in week three and we’re packed! 

F: Why open shop downtown?

C: Initially, we came up with this concept and we thought it would be great for college students. I know when I was a college student I wanted to eat healthier but I didn’t want to pay a lot. College students are always on the go—we thought this would be great food to bring to the college scene [near NYU]. 

F: How have your dishes been received by your customers so far? Any favorites? 

C: The Mac n’Cheese! It’s a sweet potato mac n’cheese made from a sweet potato cashew sauce, topped with crispy shiitake bacon  and almond parmesan. I’m huge on pasta. The crowd best seller is, by far, the Guacamole Burger. I never gave much thought into what would be most popular. The people decide for you. We can’t make them fast enough.

F: What has been the best feedback you’ve received so far?

C: We’ve been really excited to see the repeat customers that come in. There’s one guy that’s come here every day since we’ve opened. He hasn’t missed a day! It’s so sweet to see. 

F: What are some of your favorite places to eat at in New York City? 

C: I love everything about New York. I love Candle 79 on the Upper West Side, it’s one of my favorite other vegan restaurants. It’s a little fancier, but so delicious I would eat there every day if I could. But since we’ve opened, I haven’t eaten anything outside of my restaurant. I’m not sick of it yet!

F: What’s your favorite at-home vegan recipe?

C: Heirloom Tomato Toast—preheat your oven to broil and place about six slices of multigrain bread (brushed with olive oil) on a baking sheet. Broil the toast for one to two minutes, checking frequently until lightly browned, and then fan them with three heirloom tomato slices each. Add sea salt and pepper, and serve immediately.



Chloe produces cold-press juices herself (literally by Chloe) in small batches, guaranteeing fresh ingredients and maximum flavor. The Merry Prankster, with watermelon, prickly pear, lemon and sea salt, tastes just as good as the name. 



Skip the salad: the kale and artichoke dip is a creamy and savory concoction served with crispy tortilla chips.



Proclaiming the Guacamole Veggie burger as one of NYC's best burgers is risky, but makes sense after only one bite. Chloe air-bakes all of her French fries, saving you from less-than-healthy oils. These sweet potato fries are one of her specialties, and they pair well with everything on the menu.



The Quinoa Taco bowl is a light, summer salad equipped with rice, corn, beans, lettuce, tomatoes and tortilla chips—the perfect dish to wrap up and take to-go.