There are perhaps hundreds of things that comprise a perfect New York autumn, but the food is maybe our favorite. To celebrate the season, we’ve rounded up a cornucopia of sweets, eats and boozy treats for your enjoyment. Get them while they last—fall in NYC doesn’t last forever.

By Cole Bilik & Michaela Rollings

The Maple Bourbon Walnut Cake

Blue Stove Bakery

415 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn

There’s no going wrong at Blue Stove, Williamsburg’s all local and homemade full-service bakery. The Maple Bourbon Walnut Cake is a crowd pleaser and is also completely acceptable to enjoy at a windowside table—the perfect vantage point to watch the fall foliage.

The Spiked Hot Chocolate


9 Great Jones St, Manhattan

A boozy version of the childhood classic, made with bourbon and Mast Brother’s chocolate

The Irish Coffee 

The Dead Rabbit

30 Water St, Manhattan

For the coffee lover: A twist on your morning cup of joe, infused with Irish whiskey, Demerara sugar and nutmeg.

The Whoopie Pie

One Girl Cookies

33 Main Street, Brooklyn

One Girl Cookies puts a unique twist on their infamous whoopie pies, creating a perfect snack for a stroll by the East River.

The Raw Hot Cacao

Ken & Cook

19 Kenmare St, Manhattan

A completely raw hot chocolate made with cacao nibs.

The Pumpkin Ice Cream

Sundaes & Cones

95 E 10th Street, New York, NY, 10003

This cold treat bears a warm, savory flavor that will add festive magic to any crisp day.

The Hot Toddy

Refinery Rooftop

63 W 38th St, Manhattan

A classic cocktail made with rye, green tea, hot apple cider and a squeeze of lemon juice.