The first permanent food court in UrbanSpace’s constantly expanding portfolio of outdoor and indoor markets, Vanderbilt represents not only a new, unconventional corporate lunch spot, but also showcases dining’s biggest trend of late: the rise (and evolution of) the Food Hall.

By Michaela Rollings


 Hanging lights, massive windows and clean wooden picnic benches decorate the 12,000 square foot space, bringing an airy oasis to a bustling corner of Midtown. Unlike UrbanSpace’s other food-centric counterparts, Vanderbilt boasts a relaxed and easy atmosphere, which is scarce in crammed, crowded Manhattan markets like Madison Square Eats and Broadway Bites. Seating is plentiful, as is room to walk, talk and eat.


Vanderbilt’s culinary offerings include UrbanSpace fixture Roberta’s pizza, No. 7 Veggie (a new veg-based extension of the No. 7 sandwich empire), Two Tablespoons (a gluten-free, health-conscious spot), and donut lover’s paradise Dough. Where some other UrbanSpace markets seem a bit redundant with repeated offerings, Vanderbilt does an excellent job of introducing some entirely new spots, including Delaney Chicken, a fried chicken shop by celebrated Brooklyn chef Daniel Delaney.


Vanderbilt deftly blends classics, like a signature Roberta’s Margherita pie, with inventive dishes, like No. 7’s “Broccoli Tacos,” that push all culinary boundaries. This permanent location has given chefs an opportunity to express themselves in a way that an outdoor, temporary market never allowed.


There’s something for everyone here, and the space is warm and inviting—two things that Manhattan’s streets, and street markets, so desperately lack. Come for the tacos, stay for the good vibes.

UrbanSpace Vanderbilt is open:

 Monday-Friday from 6:30 AM — 9 PM, and Saturday/Sunday from 9 AM — 5 PM at 230 Park Avenue.