Weekend plans: delicious pizza and Morgenstern's ice cream just south of Tompkin's Square Park.

By Michaela Rollings


GGs, the child of chef Bobby Hellen and Nick Morgenstern, is perched right below Tompkins Square Park on 5th and Avenue A. (If Nick sounds familiar, that's because he’s also the owner of the much-lauded ice cream shop that shares his last name, as well as LES veggie destination El Rey.) With Manhattan's bevy of pizza shops and the East Village's anthology of funky eateries, opening a truly unique pizza place is no easy feat. But Morgenstern makes it happen with GGs’ comforting ambiance, top-notch service and intriguing menu. After about a year open, its inventive pies continue to generate buzz with a rotating menu of seasonal toppings—ranging from razor clams to sliced eggplant parmesan and even a Mets-themed pizza. How's that for a New York slice?

The Lazy Apple-Picker
In the mood to recreate fall memories from childhood? Try this decidedly adult spin on apple cider.
The Brussels Sprouts
Perfectly charred and topped with crispy bacon, these make an ideal share plate for the table.
The Bibb Salad
The soppressata chips, shaved artichoke and crunchy Bibb lettuce offer textural contrast.
The O.G.
The "O.G" Grandma pie brings a taste of the Midwest to New York City. Doughy, salty and sprinkled with whole basil leaves, this pie is perfect for the adventurous picky eater. 
The Ice Cream Sandwich
It  doesn't seem right to come to a restaurant opened by Nick Morgenstern and not get ice cream.
 Insiders tip: a slice of the O.G. pie is $2 at the bar during happy hour. See you there...
 511 E 5th Street
For reservations, call (212) 687-3641