We can assume it’s going to get cold at some point, and when that time rolls around, we suggest you latch yourself to the nearest hot drink and hope for the best. Hot cocoa isn’t the only warm beverage to get you through the impending slush; Matcha Lattes are a healthy alternative, with just as much flavor.

By Cole Bilik


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Bibble & Sip

253 W. 51st Street

Order a matcha creme puff with your latte and take a stool by the window—and take a moment to appreciate the decorative plants, perfect for a scenic ‘gram of your visit.


129 E. 39th Street

A master in all Japanese teas, Ipodo’s unsweetened matcha is for hardcore fans of the drink only. Ipodo’s latte is crafted by hand right in front of your eyes, with resources flown in from Japan. They only offer their drinks to go, making your commute a little warmer.

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Rose Bakery

160 Lexington Avenue

Midtown’s hidden treasure, Rose Bakery’s matcha latte isn’t actually on the menu, but available by request. This cafe lies in the base of Dover Street Market, the ultimate hideaway on a snowy day.

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Matcha Cafe Wabi

233 E. 4th Street

This small, comfortable cafe cuts straight to the chase—Matcha Cafe Wabi celebrates the fine art of matcha, and not much more with a minimalistic philosophy to both their menu and space.