Take a trip down the West Village’s Carmine Street — no, really, we insist. Not only is it a picturesque example of one of New York’s most adorable neighborhoods, but it’s within shouting distance of at least three different gelato shops. Also on Carmine Street: a whole host of restaurants to try for when you find yourself in the area on a (warm?) winter’s night. See our favorite places below:

Do Hwa

55 Carmine Street


Quick take: Authentic Korean BBQ hot spot. Cool, dark atmosphere, family style servings.

 Our picks: Japchae-sautéed sesame with sweet potato glass noodles, salmon sashimi, bibimbop sizzle hot pot or cold bowl.

  Market Table

54 Carmine Street


Quick take: Buzzy American farm-fresh eatery. Dark, rustic, cozy interior 

Our picks: Market beet salad, sautéed autumn flounder, butternut squash risotto.

 Ellary's Greens

33 Carmine Street


Quick Take: Healthy, affordable, and fresh organic dishes.

Our picks: Just Peachy smoothie, green Thai tofu curry with seasonal vegetables, chickpea fries with rosemary and poblano-tofu aioli.

Sweet Revenge

62 Carmine Street


Quick take: Neoclassic dessert and wine bar. Perfect ending to a night out, or a short and sweet date night.

Our picks: Dirty Valrhona chocolate or espresso-swirled Mexican vanilla cake, plus a wine or beer pairing.