Sometimes, being a productive just means getting out of your apartment. Luckily New York’s coffee culture has given rise to some amazing cafes, ideal for breakfast meetings, study sessions, or a quick jolt of caffeine. Here are seven of our favorite shops throughout the city—one for every day of your (extremely productive) week.


Maman Tribeca

The new outpost of this SoHo favorite is just about as cozy as you can get. Comfy couches dot the front of the restaurant, anchored by a coffee counter and marketplace for on the go snacks and pastries. Towards the back of the shop, there’s a full-service restaurant where you can grab a light brunch or lunch (order the Spaghetti Squash “à la Carbonara”—trust us). If you’re on a mission to get work done, grab a seat on one of the couches for some uninterrupted quiet and better wifi signal strength.

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The Marlton Hotel

Greenwich Village’s Marlton boasts a full restaurant, cocktail lounge, and espresso bar serving Ferndell coffee—an artisanal grinder from Chicago during the 1800s. With ample space and complimentary internet, the Marlton is perfect for group meetings or solo studying. Certain areas of the hotel get dark towards the end of the day (as the hotel lounge becomes a hotel bar), so try to get any reading or note-taking done in the early afternoon.


Ground Support

No matter your drink preference, Soho’s Ground Support’s got you covered with a beverage list spanning from espresso to iced matcha and even beer. The space can get a bit overcrowded at times, as tables are primarily communal. But if you’re craving a true coffee house vibe, this is the place to go.

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Kaffe 1668 

This quaint Scandinavian café has two Tribeca locations—275 Greenwich and 401 Greenwich (a few blocks north). While they’ve both got plenty of seating and the same cozy, rustic feel at both cafés, the 275 shop is ideal for laptop work, as they’ve got complimentary wifi. Both spaces, however, serve up an impressive array of coffee blends, all single origin and direct trade, sourced from places like Brazil, Burundi, Honduras.

Kaffe 1668, one of my 5 favorite Tribeca lunch places I'm currently loving


Bluestone Lane (West Village)

This Aussie-run café has been all over Instagram for their Brekkie Boards and Avocado Smash, but the coffee is the real MVP here. They source their beans from Niccolo roasters in Melbourne, which they use to whip up a range of espresso concoctions ranging from the classic Cappuccino to an Australian Flat White, the Black & White (single espresso shot mixed with a milk-spiked espresso shot), and even something called the “Magic” (a double ristretto with steamed milk and layer of microfoam). The West Village location doesn’t have wifi, but it’s the perfect place for a breakfast meeting or study session. (P.S. In warmer months they’ve got incredible outside seating on Carmine).


The Crosby Street Hotel

At the corner of Crosby and Spring, this hotel is tucked away from busy Broadway just enough to be considered a Soho oasis of sorts. The Crosby’s roomy and vibrant bar area, open for breakfast, lunch & dinner, is perfect for a formal (or semiformal) business meeting or plugging through some work on your laptop (wifi included). There’s also a full-blown afternoon tea service, complete with handmade scones and clotted cream—they even do a gluten-free tea to accommodate any colleagues with allergies.

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The Smile Newsstand 

Located on Franklin Street between Greenwich and Hudson, the Smile Newsstand is the third offshoot of NoHo favorite The Smile. This hidden location is adjoined to Shinola’s Tribeca storefront, and offers some incredible iced coffee, free wifi, and killer baked goods (PB&J cookies, anyone?). They’ve only got a handful of tables for hunkering down, but the space is beautiful, serene, and well-decorated—we really couldn’t ask for more.

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By Michaela Rollings