Taste Test The Bowery Market


Five of our favorite New York City spots have come together to bring us a beautiful, open-air cornucopia of sushi, sandwiches, tacos, coffee and vegan cuisine. Taking over a run down street corner off of Great Jones, the Bowery Market is everything we’ve been waiting for. 


The Butcher's Daughter

It’s hard not to swoon over The Butcher’s Daughter; it’s trendy, Instagram-ready, and healthy. And for all these reasons, we can’t complain that they we’re included in the Bowery Market’s lineup.


Champion Coffee

Brooklyn’s Champion Coffee expands their menu, offering a maple cortado exclusive to their Bowery Market location. Don’t worry - their mean matcha latte isn’t going anywhere!


Sushi on Jones

Sushi on Jones is New York’s first outdoor sushi bar, and that alone is a reason to visit.



“Just another Italian sandwich shop in NYC”, you might be thinking. But be warned, one bite of an Alidoro sandwich has been known to transform any cityfolk into a devotee.



Even better than Pulqueria’s tacos are their pina coladas served inside a frozen pineapple, a perfect cure to NYC Summer FOMO.



348 Bowery @ the Northwest Corner

Open daily 8am-9pm


By Cole Bilik