Taste Test PokéSpot



Born and raised in LA, I’m definitely not a stranger to poke. From options like Mainland and Sweetfin, the sushi-like cuisine is a staple in the west coast food scene. And now, NYC is following suit. Located in the heart of Union Square on 4th avenue, Pokéspot is the latest outpost to offer poke bowls. The restaurant is fast-casual, allowing customers to come in and DIY their own bowls. From fish options like shrimp, tuna, and salmon and toppings like mango, onion crisps, and macadamia nuts, there’s something for everybody. Pokéspot also offers “zoodles” as a base, as well as a dish called an Avocado Boat where your food is in the pit itself. 


Just as unique as their customers, Pokéspot’s line is already out the door during lunch hours, so be sure to head over there and join the craze.


Our favorites from the menu:

Citrus Fresh

Shrimp, shrimp, cucumber, green onion, mango, furikake, roasted seaweed, lotus chips, lime ponzu


PokéSpot Special

Snow crab, salmon, seaweed salad, furikake, roasted seaweed, lotus chips, PokéSpot sauce


Miso Spicy

Brown rice, tuna, salmon, hijiki seaweed, kani salad, furikake, roasted seaweed, fish flakes, onion crisps, spicy miso




120 4th Ave