Food Tour Three New Restaurants To Try For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

February 21, 2017

Groundhog Phil might have told us we have a long season ahead of us, but winter doesn’t have to mean hibernation. Nothing can stop this city from sprouting gems, and we have gathered a few spots to get you out of bed (at least, for a day).

61 Hester Street

Tucked into a quiet section of Hector Street lies L’estudio, the charming nine-table hideaway with a South American twist. L’estudio’s simple menu with favorites like chia pudding and baked eggs will give you a head start for the day ahead of you.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 8.52.00 PM

De Maria
19 Kenmare Street

Latin for “by Mary, from Mary”, De Maria’s focus on innovative food from powerful women could not have come around at a better time. De Maria’s colorful, charming interior is reflected on its dishes, like the dragon bowl and the lemon-vanilla-black lava salt focaccia. If you’re somehow still not impressed, hold tight, for their downstairs speakeasy is in the works.


Gotham Market at the Ashland
590 Fulton Street

Exposed brick, huge windows and modern chandeliers is exactly what we would expect from Brooklyn’s newest food hall. The 16,000 sq.-ft space is packed with eight eateries of various cuisines, along with a separate booth dedicated to rotating Brooklyn restaurants. Finish off your day with some pizza or fried chicken (or both, we won’t judge).


Header image via NY Times.

By Cole Bilik