Three New LA Spots to Try for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

April 23, 2017

Take a little break from New York “spring” and welcome to the land of palm trees, tacos and smoothie bowls. Los Angeles has been at the heart of the wellness world for quite some time now, and its yogi mindset has been conveyed to its food. With fresh ingredients merely miles away, dishes combine natural flavors with intricate spices, redefining the way we see a simple avocado or cauliflower. We’ve gathered a few of the best new spots in town to help you capture LA’s best angles.




400 S Main St

Playing into Los Angeles’ recent health trend, PYT is a vegetable-based hotspot working off of a nearby downtown garden. The assorted bags of veggies around the room and turnips on the wall are any herbivore’s dream.

Image via Instagram



4648 Hollywood Blvd

Translating to destiny or fate in Arabic, Kismet is exactly that. Kismet is Los Feliz’ newest bright open space offering all-day Mediterranean fare with a twist. Everything at Kismet is small, like the family style dishes and the size of the local growers where they get most of their food. Menu highlights include shakshuka, fried cauliflower, and jeweled crispy rice with egg yolk.



8721 Beverly Blvd

Verlaine was created to be a casual Mexican hideaway in the midst of the hustle and bustle of West Hollywood nightlife. With a mission to locally source the majority of its menu, Verlaine takes the majority of its produce from within a 50-mile radius, some coming from its own backyard garden.