For the friend whose moisturizer collection is more important than her shoe collection — Who says beauty can’t be gifted? Friend of a Friend sought out express facial destination Heyday, in the hopes of offering a gift that’s not easy to bottle: that of good skin. And, they did it! In the form of a curated selection of cleansers, toners and moisturizers. If yours or your friend’s New Years Resolution was to take better care of your skin, this is a great start.

And if your giftee is truly beauty-obsessed, she’s probably heard of LA’s Emi Jay, and those wonderful elastic hairties that everybody needs but nobody buys for themselves. Throw them into the mix for the gift that says, “I’ve thought of everything.” Or, skip the beauty thing altogether and opt for one of their cheeky sweatshirts—either way, you’ll wow ‘em.

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Shop these and more at the Friend of a Friend Holiday Pop-Up, opening December 12 in New York City. And check out more of our Gift Guide here.