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When it comes to inspiration, Chef Lauren Gerrie has a bevy of sources—one of which is her self-described Instagram “Black Hole,” where she follows everyone from husband-wife styling duos to top shelf tattoo artists. Naturally, we asked her to share her faves. See her selects and what she loves about them in her own words.


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“I love learning about history through visual content, and they run the scope of cultural to geographical content. So stunning.”

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“You know when you draw a blank on all those yummy restaurants you wanted to try or you can't decide what you want? Well, they take care of you! This is a city and neighborhood guide to eating out with great reviews and honest, thorough descriptions.”

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Ryan and Genessa are talented stylists and photographers who capture such ethereal moments, sometimes with dark undertones. We have a project that we have discussed working on together... I am just waiting for the time when we are all not so busy so we can tackle it. Stay tuned!”

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I am a tattoo and artist lover so this account covers both…not to mention I have a tattoo from one of their extremely talented artist, Jonah Ellis.”

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@GastroArt, @TheArtOfPlating


Talk about food porn—this shit is the jam. I pull inspiration from fellow chefs from around the world and am constantly blown away at what cool stuff people are doing out there.”

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I've been addicted to National Geographic since I was a kid…my parents used to get me a subscription each year for Christmas. Now, with their Instagram account, it feels like I have the world at my fingertips.”