Photo via Something Social LA

You asked, they answered: As June draws to a close, our guest editors sign off with some questions from our readers. 


You guys have flawless skin! What do you use for your skincare? What’s your secret? 

We love to switch skin care products from time to time, to keep it fresh. Some of our favorites are La Mer, Dr. Hauschka and Sisley. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize... We also love the sun, and always feel better with a little glow (everything in moderation!).

Since you are twins and you seem to have the same taste in fashion… What distinguishes your personality, what characterizes your personal style?

We actually have very different tastes! My [Marielou's] style is more of a classic, chic, clean look, and Chloe’s style tends to lean towards a more rock’n’roll, edgy feel.

When did you realize you wanted to be stylists, and how did you start your career?

We never "realized" we wanted to be stylists. It happened naturally, starting with a handful of clients, and over the years has progressed to the business we have now. We have always been interested in fashion, and one thing led to another…

What is your biggest source of inspiration, and who are some inspiring people in music and art that you look to?

We are constantly inspired by travel, architecture, fashion shows and certain designer or vintage pieces we discover. We also love music and find it a constant (though unlikely) source of inspiration: Bob Seger, Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Otis Redding. We also, of course, love the arts: a few of our favourite artists today are Cecily Brown, Cy Twombly, Jonathan Zawada and Joe Bradley—to name more than a few! 

What tips do you have for people who want to become stylists?

Start by interning or assisting a stylist and really absorb all the details that go into styling... I [Marielou] assisted a stylist for two years before getting into it and learned so much.

How long does the entire process take to style someone's look for the red carpet, and what are the steps along the way?

This usually takes about three days—there’s a prep day, fitting day, and the event day. We reach out to designers and fashion houses, and then we make a selection of looks and styles (gowns, shoes, clutches, jewelry, and whatever else is necessary). Once we have everything, we have a fitting with the client. We always bring our tailor on-set for alterations at the fitting. After the outfit is selected, we match accessories—and the next day we return all edits that didn’t work out. On the day of the event, we usually go to our client’s home to prep them before they leave, and then they’re off… all in a (few) days’ work!