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Meet Sphynx, A.k.a Your New Best Friend This Summer

April 3, 2018

Summer is almost here! Beaches! Bathing suits! Bikini waxes! Shaving! And…. sitting poolside under a wave of embarrassment after realizing you missed a large spot on your leg. We’ve all been there.

Meet Sphynx, a 3-in-1, portable razor with everything you need to shave anywhere, at any time. With a sleek and discreet design, the Sphynx is the answer to all of your missed-a-spot prayers, able to fit in your desk, gym bag, car, beach bag, you name it. Founded by Leila Kashani, the compact has three compartments – all natural, non-stick moisturizing bar, water spritzer, and a replaceable razor. Each cartridge contains two razor blades and comes with an extra.

Step 1: Add water to the spray bottle and insert back into the cartridge. Spray water on the area you’d like to shave.

Step 2: Rotate the cartridge to the moisturizing bar and lather onto the desired area.

Step 3: Rotate to the razor and shave away

Step 4: Rotate back to the moisturizing bar to soothe the skin, and you’re off….


So with summer upon us, save yourself the poolside panic and stock up.

Sphynx Portable Razor, $14.99


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