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February 21, 2018

I’m no stranger to the fact that my skin is going to age. At the age of 23, I’ve found myself doing anything and everything to make my skin look younger. I’ve worn sunscreen every day since I was a teenager, have tried botox, peels, retinols, and any regiment to quell society’s voice in my head that’s preparing me for the impending doom of a wrinkle. So for those of you joining me in the fight, I’d make AnteAge MD your weapon of choice.

How It Works

Our skin is aging every day, whether it’s from sun damage, chemicals in the air, the food we eat, or even just gravity. AnteAge MD is a two-step growth and stimulation system aimed at improving the health and appearance of the skin through stem cells. Stem cells, found in our bone’s marrow, are our skin’s saving grace, signaled to leave the marrow when damage occurs and re-generate the skin. However, our skin’s ability to repair itself grows weaker over ones’ lifetime because of the loss of bone marrow cells with age. Step 1, the serum, contains the highest concentrate of Stem Cytokines. These cytokines are molecules that actually communicate with your cells to leave the marrow and repair, ruling over our body’s biological systems. AnteAge has decoded the body’s natural signal between these cells and become its own signal, defying our aging bodies and bringing back a youthful glow.


Step 2, the accelerator, is packed with Retinol, Vitamin B5, C, and E, to rejuvenate the skin. After the stem cells get to work, step 2 moisturizes and hydrates the skin, lowering inflammation and redness to reveal an even complexion and the best skin I’ve ever had.

The Result

I had recently gone through a patch of rough skin, leaving my face scarred and marked with spots. After just a month of using the AnteAge program, my skin had never looked better. My pores were smaller, I had less redness and inflammation, and my tone was perfectly even. I hardly breakout now, but when I do, the serums control my skins ability to scar. I could keep bragging about my skin, but I’m just going to tell you to jump on board and experience it for yourself. The duo is on the pricier side ($350 for the set), but worth every penny.


After I cleanse and tone, I apply 2-3 pumps of each step onto my skin. If you’re like me and have oily skin, use this as your moisturizer and continue onto sunscreen. Apply twice a day, in the morning and at night.

How To Get It

AnteAge MD can only be sold by a licensed reseller. Our trusty go-to is the Tribeca Med Spa. Give them a call to speak about treatment options – say we referred you 😉


For other sellers, visit MD.AnteAge.com and follow them on Instagram.


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