Cocktails with the Garret East

October 27, 2016
We’re no strangers to matcha. The green powder has become a staple in our morning routines and our go-to for that extra kick during a busy work week (yes, we’ve cheated on coffee). For those who are strangers, matcha is rich in antioxidants and filled with health benefits from burning calories to detoxing the body.
And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, it also makes an amazing cocktail ingredient. 
Our favorite neighborhood bar, The Garret East, took our obsession one step further and created this smokey, fruity cocktail that will definitely get your energy flowing for a night out. Check out the recipe below. 

Apple Matcha Cocktail 

Add 2 oz. of English Oak smoked Vodka and .75 0z of Amaro Lucano.


.25 oz Velvet, .25 oz Bourbon Barrel Aged Apple Liquor, .5 oz Almond Orgeat, and 1 oz. of egg whites. Shake and pour.


 Top with a dehydrated apple slice and cinnamon.



Want the real deal? Visit the Garret East and ask for Brandon. He knows what's up.


The Garret East

206 Avenue A

Monday-Friday 5pm - late

Saturday, Sunday 2pm-late