A break from your regularly scheduled fitness program: this East Village treadmill studio is not your average class. We caught up (literally) with Debora Warner, the founder of MHRC, who imparts her choice routes in NYC — and her running must-haves. 


How did you start running?

I started out as a competitive swimmer in high school then began jogging in Riverside Park on the Upper West Side when I moved to NYC in the early Nineties.

What are your favorite routes in NYC? 

I am in love with the East River Track along the FDR—it’s where I coach my MHRC outdoor runners—but if I'm running solo, I take the train up to Central Park for the Six Mile Loop, which weaves around the whole length of the park.

Any recommendations for a runner without a route? 

If I'm not familiar with the route, I'll do an "out-and-back" run, which is where I run four-or-so miles to one point, then the same distance back to where I started.

Do you use any tech gadgets to track your run?

Run Keeper (synced my Apple Watch) is one of my favorites. 

What's your best running tip?

You must commit to a minimum number of miles per week.

What are your go-to stretches after a run? 

I usually do IT Band and Piriformis stretches with Hip Flexors. It’s also important to stretch your quads, hamstrings, and your calves. 



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