This installment: beauty benefits, a little cheating, and a redemption story. 

Ok, I’ll admit it. I totally cheated. But when your best friend comes into town and asks for a sushi date night, would you say no? At least I got 11 days in before I sealed the deal and broke my vow to health. Today is my 13th day on the cleanse, and despite my minor oversight, I’m feeling better than ever.

The first week was definitely tough. I noticed my energy was low, I was down because I wasn’t permitted to go out at night and see my friends (cleanse's rules, not mine) and my body felt bloated and uncomfortable. It’s amazing how so much of our social interactions are based around food! Especially in New York. My friends and I are always eating somewhere or drinking something, so I’ve been keeping to myself (Hi friends, I’m still here). I knew my body was just adjusting to the new diet, so I kept pushing forward and following it. I’ve loved waking up each morning not dreading my previous days’ eating decisions—no extra cookies from the office or indulgent dinners to feel guilty about. The whites of my eyes had become brighter and my skin totally cleared up...definitely not going to complain about that. 

I also noticed my body completely decompress. The Clean Program makes you take out foods that are proven to potentially cause allergies within your system, so there’s definitely something that I shouldn’t be including in my everyday diet. I used to feel very puffy and swollen, but now I feel free of toxins, and a few pounds lighter, too (not a goal of this trial but a welcome side effect).

One thing I’ve struggled with is cold-like symptoms that come with cleansing your body of toxins. I’ve had an incredibly sore/dry throat for about 10 days now and wake up with a congested nose each morning. I’ve been drinking tons of green tea to help soothe my throat and give me an extra kick of caffeine—coffee, I miss you most—which has also helped calm my appetite in between meals.

Although the past 13 days have been a rollercoaster of missing my weekly spaghetti and pizza nights, the Clean Program has turned me on to so many healthy habits that have made me feel like a completely new person. My cleanse is set to end‪ next Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and I’m thinking of eating clean even after its over… with a few cheat nights here and there, of course.


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