Even our favorite songs seem tired after the millionth listen. Fortunately, there’s an app for that: Our Music Editor catches up with the creators of a new app that sends fresh songs straight to your phone—before you even wake up. 


Interview by Haley Albert



Sifting through Soundcloud links, Hype Machine tracks and Spotify playlists in the hope of discovering new music can sometimes be chaos of content—a rewarding hunt, but eventually an endurance test of countless hours spent searching for new artists. Luckily for us, LA natives Trevor McFedries and Harley Wertheimer have made it easy: a new music discovery app called Choice Cuts that serves you the best tunes in every (and any) genre. Simply enter your phone number on their site and expect two handpicked songs delivered to your phone every morning. Open the Choice Cuts music player and have everything from Ta-Ha to Astrud Gilberto underscoring your day. We caught up with the boys and asked them a few questions about their new project.



Why did you create Choice Cuts?

Trevor: I think we were talking about it one day and I was just starting to learn Rails (for app development) and wanted to build a rails app so knowing the Twilio API—which allows us to send and receive text messages using a web service—was pretty straight ahead. It seemed like a fun coding challenge and also something I'd really like to use. I'm the most interested in trying to solve this attention economy issue, where there’s just so much content and not enough filters. 

Harley: Whoa, tech guy. Honestly, nobody was subscribing to my Spotify playlists so I thought I’d take some invasive action.


Are people tired of sifting through pages of 'underground music blogs,' to no avail?

Trevor: I definitely think blogs are dead. But at the same time Youtube and Soundcloud and other sources of interesting content keep getting compromised and less interesting, so this seems like a nice way to introduce great stuff in bite size portions. 

Harley: I think right now it's a fun mode of music discovery. Hopefully it's well-received and turns into a new mode of music discovery. People are definitely not tired of digging for music, but with all the content out there it's just increasingly overwhelming to find great stuff. Listening to Soundcloud mixes, online radio, new music blogs, searching around for set lists, trolling youtube, it's just a lot. We both work in music and actively do this hunt every day, so hopefully it's refreshing for us to bring songs to you, in an intimate, personal way, with the song title and artist clearly listed. 


What are your music tastes and how do they reflect the songs you choose?

Harley: My taste is all over the place - I collect records so I have a deep appreciation for old soul and funk and disco stuff, but I also work at a record label where my focus is finding new music that has some type of mainstream potential. So I'll pick an old Brazilian song from a record I found on eBay, or I'll pick a new hip-hop song from the Bay that I found on a blog I love. 

Trevor: I grew up on punk/hardcore and house music. I now am pretty heavy into ambient stuff so my stuff is definitely along those lines. I think we try to align in whatever way we can. Harley has such a rich history of hip hop and soul that my stuff kind of juxtaposes against it regardless.


Will you have guest music curators?

Trevor : Absolutely. Harley and I have a very sexy google doc with some people we'd love to get to contribute. We just need to talk them into it.

Harley: We're making sure everything is perfect on the delivery side, getting the name out there a bit, and then we'll get people from our crew involved.


And how has the response been so far?

Harley: The response has been great! We've gotten a few complaints about our text waking people up in the morning, but I thought people sleep with their phones on airplane mode…

Trevor: Response has been good. We're working out all of the kinks. They've been great about the times where there's an error and it sends multiple texts or something.

Do you think Choice Cuts might eventually turn into more than just hand-selected music? 

Trevor: Can't give all our secrets away just yet. But we’ve definitely got some more ideas coming…

Harley: I think Drake said something about a goal being a dream with a deadline… not sure how that applies here. We’ve got good stuff on the way, though.


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