City Guide Nantucket, MA


For the perfect summer weekend, don’t look east to Long Island. Rather, head north up the coast to Nantucket, idyllic American vacationland and summer stomping grounds of TeenVogue’s Associate Market Editor, Sarah Brody. 

"My annual Memorial Day weekend trip to Nantucket, which started on a whim, has quickly become what I look forward to most each year. When outsiders ask I tend to compare our house to those on MTV's The Real World, but with far less drama. Though I knew only a few people during our first go around, I now count them all among my nearest and dearest friends. From a variety of backgrounds and from working in such different industries, our group is truly eclectic, which I think makes the experience more special. So, what was my MDW like on Nantucket? Scroll below to find out…"


-Sarah Brody 



A very consistent over-packer (not that that's something to be proud of), I tried to tackle the job early and lay out all of my outfit options a day in advance.  It turned out to be the ultimate solution—however, I don't think one can ever have too much denim…


My friends and I plan our annual trip about nine months in advance. A crucial consideration when renting a house: backyard seating for leisurely activities during the day. (Not sure where to start? Try the Copley Group for seasonal property rentals.)


Just actually getting to Nantucket Island is a trip in and of itself. Although you can fly directly from JFK, we like the adventure. Only an hour-long ride after getting to the Cape, the Hy-Line Cruises high-speed ferry out of Hyannis is our last mode of transportation... and the most fun. 


  The ferry ride is the ultimate Instagram backdrop. I couldn't wait to wear my NikeLab x Sacai collaboration windbreaker and my go-to white Frame Denim jeans.


I'm the ultimate early bird. Always the first one up in the house, I like to grab a coffee at Handlebar Cafe and explore along the wharf for a few hours when it's still quiet.


Sticking to a regular workout regimen on vacation can be difficult, so my friends like to go on morning group runs to the lighthouse. They’re a great way to work up a sweat (and also snap a scenic pic). 


Cars are few and far between on the island and although it's small, it's not always walkable. We rented these bikes at Cook's Cycles. I love the vintage feel, especially with the baskets.


When everyone does manage to get out of bed, we all have breakfast together. Everyone has a job, from Chef de Cuisine to line cook. A novice in the kitchen, I stick to what I know best… and avocado toast just happens to be my specialty. 


In a house of twelve people, it's often more fun to cook together than to go out (not to mention, reservations can be a bit difficult). Backyard BBQs are our staple! 


Nantucket is obviously well known for its fresh seafood. My favorite spot is the SeaGrille on Sparks Avenue—seriously, the best Lobster Bisque in town! Our neighbors also threw a lobster bake and it wasn't long before this little guy was all gone. We've already decided to have our own next year. 


Proprietors on India Street is a top-notch space for lunch with a large party. They set us up in a separate room, so we wouldn't need to quiet our conversations. Some of us in the group have attachment issues with our iPhones—yes, I'm one of them—so we decided to go tech-free for the meal. If you break the rules and reach for your phone, the bill is on you!


My friends and I were excited to be at the opening of The Grey Lady this weekend. It's one of our brunch staples in NYC, so we were more than happy to check it out.Just next door is the local nightlife institution The Chicken Box, where we danced and sang the night away to our favorite Nineties hits. 


For our group, tennis sweaters and vests started as a running joke, but soon became mandatory. My friends Corey and Nelson took it to the next level when they decided to match for the day. Talk about #twinning.


With everyone always taking photos on their mobile phones, I often forget how great film can be. We used a Polaroid camera to capture candid moments throughout the trip. It's nice to have a tangible memory...and new decor for the fridge. 


What better way to take a family portrait to commemorate the trip than with true American sartorial spirit: white shirts and denim.
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