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March 13, 2016

I don’t head to Paris often, but when I do, I try my best to plan it so I’m not spending more than five minutes in my hotel room (unless, of course, sleep). I love discovering new places—especially when that place serves food. As such, I’ve put together a short list of all of my favorite stops when I’m in town, for all things dining and drinking . Here’s hoping it’ll inspire you to book a plane ticket.

xx, Liv

Bob’s Kitchen
74 Rue des Gravilliers

            Eating healthy in Paris is almost impossible (I’m pretty sure I had a croissant every day), but Bob’s Kitchen is my first stop off the plane. With avocado toast and vegan bites on the menu, you’ll feel right at home. I get their veggie stew—I know my diet is just going downhill from there!

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289 Rue Saint-Denis 

            If the food doesn’t get you in the door, the decor definitely will. The two-story restaurant features handmade details from tribal printed lamps to a neon heart that greets you at the entrance. Their fried chicken is a must—then head over to the communal sink in the center of the room to clean your hands post chow-down.

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Dave Restaurant
12 Rue de Richelieu

            The best Chinese food in Paris… and plenty agree, according to the hundreds of celebrity guest photos that hang on the walls.


           111 Boulevard Beaumarchais

 Merci is the perfect coffee break during a busy day in Paris. Grab a drink in the classic library or peruse the shop’s offerings (pay attention to the handcrafted goods, which make great souvenirs). With two coffee shops, a restaurant, and 1500 square feet of clothing, it’s easy to spend hours in this eclectic Parisian staple.


L’Avant Comptoir
9 Carrefour de l’Odéon

            Hidden behind a pig-painted curtain in a crepe shop, L’Avant Comptoir is ideal for a post-dinner drink. The seating is bar casual (no res needed) and the menu hangs from the ceiling, displaying delicious snacks from parmesan cheese puffs to ham croquettes.

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Le 404
69 Rue des Gravilliers

            I’m Moroccan, so I need my fix of comfort food everywhere I go. Le 404 boasts a menu of North African food in a casual and authentic setting. The seating is a bit tight, so make a reservation ahead of time. Between the aroma, open style kitchen, and incredible tagines, planning ahead will be worth it.


Wild & The Moon
55 Rue Charlot

            My biggest travel tip is staying hydrated, so I always load up on fresh juices for the week early in the trip. I love Wild & The Moon’s Golden Milk anti-inflammatory (great for right off the plane!) and their matcha milk. Bonus—they’ll deliver to wherever you’re staying.

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Header image via Pop-Up City.